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Hello, readers.

On this page, you can find a list of the anime I've seen and the manga I've read as well as what I thought of each show/book. So I split my reviews into two categories: Anime Reviews and Manga Reviews.

Anime Reviews

Manga Reviews

Will be updated soon. :D


  1. HAI! nak tanya mcamana nak buat tajuk bawah anime reviews tulink dgn post kita? thankyou! :)

    1. haiii mira! :D ok, highlight word yang nak di'link'kan, tekan kat link (sebaris dengan font, size font, bold, etc) pastu copy and paste url post yang awak nak link tu la. hahaha faham kan? :)

  2. okay! dapat buat. thanksss:)

  3. have you wantch assassination classroom? it's one of my fav anime! do check it out hahha
    btw new blogger here! let's be friend gurl :)


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